26th June 2019
9.30 to 18.00
Seminars Start

New York

where visual content controllers connect

Midtown Loft & Terrace
267 Fifth Avenue
(29th Street & 5th Avenue)
New York NY 10016

Meet the Exhibitors


20/20 Software

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20/20 Software is a leading technology provider of multi-media websites and enterprise software. Our sophisticated platform is highly customizable, including batch processing, hierarchical keywording, “on the fly” watermarking, pro-forma quotations, invoices, and many reports including (online) royalty reports. Our media websites include online search and display, lightboxes, quotations, custom calculators, and Ecommerce. The 20/20 Software platform provides secure management of media and data, and is powerful, flexible, and customized to your needs.
20/20 Software, Inc.
e. sheron@twensoft.com
t. +1 (203) 316-5500
w. www.twensoft.com
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Adobe Stock

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Adobe Stock provides designers and businesses with access to over 140 million high-quality, royalty-free images, videos, motion graphics, and more. Adobe Stock is natively integrated into Adobe’s desktop applications like Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and Premiere Pro CC, so you can reach millions of buyers around the world. 

Photo is by AdreusK
e: stockvid@adobe.com
w: http://stock.adobe.com
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BigEasyOne is the all new media management & ecommerce platform based on a decade of stock library experience.

Integrated with Clarafai AI, upload video, image, audio and documents via ultra-high speed transcoding, automated video clipping, voice enabled meta tagging, dynamic attribution search fields, licence management and more. From $499 monthly rental it's a very easy choice.
UK +44 1784 460 064
USA +1 347 983 0157

Blend Media

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Blend Media hosts the world’s largest library 360 VR content with over 18,000 video clips and images supplied by a global network of over 700 video creators. Genres include world travel & destinations, aerials, nature, big skies, auroras, seascapes, rainforests, animals, safari, underwater, time lapse, action sports, relaxation, meditation films and produced packages.
t:+44 (0)7888 838 555
e: simon@blend.media
w: www.blend.media