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Historic Films Discovers The Lost Woodstock

‘The Lost Woodstock’ - Carl Simring was a young man connected to the "A list" of 1960’s rock promoters and musicians. Several of Carl’s friends were involved in the organisation of the original Woodstock Festival, half a million people went to a dairy farm in Bethel, New York, for the three-day music festival. Billed as “An Aquarian Experience: 3 Days of Peace and Music,” these friends allowed Carl a prime spot on the Woodstock stage to film what ever he chose. Using his Sony Portapak CV220, considered the first mobile video camera, he filmed away all weekend. The result is an astounding alternate library of Woodstock performances, many of them preserved only by Carl and his Sony Portapak. Electrifying performances by The Who, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Sly & The Family Stone, Mountain and several others were filmed by Carl, most of which never made it to the "Woodstock" Warner Brothers film or any of its companion releases. Historic Films is proud to offer this one of a kind glimpse of this historic 1960’s cultural event.

A Hidden Trove Of Silent Home Movie Footage

Reelin’ In The Years Productions has a fantastic collection of home movies of musical artists, shot at concerts or by fans, and this valuable content is available for use in documentaries and other projects. For over twenty years they have been very successful in licencing musical performance footage from the jazz of the 1920s through to the popular music of today. In addition, they licence a lot of "Home Movie" footage filmed (usually) on 8mm film. The footage was shot by fans at a concert or insiders who worked with the artists. So many times they’ve had people tell us that their footage was worthless because there’s no sound to which they reply "Then explain why a major credit card company paid us $20,000 for 5 seconds of silent footage for their commercial." Now of course TV commercials are a unique pricing structure but they have regularly placed their clients’ Home Movie footage in award winning documentaries such as...... Rolling Stones –Crossfire Hurricane (2012) CNN Presents The Sixties (2014) CNN The Seventies (2015) Bill Wyman The Quiet One (2017) David Cassidy – The Last Session (2018) Echo In The Canyon (2018) Ken Burns: Country (2019) David Crosby: Remember My Name (2019) PBS’s Woodstock Documentary (2019) The Gift: The Journey Of Johnny Cash (2019) Since 1992, Reelin’ In The Years Productions has been recognised as a world leader in footage licencing. The archive houses over 20,000 hours of music footage spanning 90 years and 7,000 hours of in-depth interviews with the 20th century’s icons of Film and Television, Politics, Comedy, Literature, Art, Science, Fashion and Sports, filmed between 1962-2012. The interviews are primarily from the archives of Sir David Frost, The Merv Griffin Show, Rona Barrett and Brian Linehan’s City Lights from Canada. Reelin’ In The Years Productions- The World’s Premier Source For Footage Of Musical Artists, Entertainers & History Makers. Whether you’re looking for music footage from The Beatles to Beyonce, entertainers from Bette Davis to George Clooney, or history makers from Dr. Martin Luther King to President Bill Clinton, they are your one-stop shop.