26th june 2019
9.30 to 18.00
Seminars Start

New York

where visual content controllers connect

Midtown Loft & Terrace
267 fifth Avenue
(29th Street & 5th Avenue)
New York NY 10016

News Desk

These news stories feature stock agencies 
who are exhibiting at footageMarketplace New York.
Note their table numbers - they will be delighted to
meet and discuss current and future projects.

INA Showreel for footageMarketplace USA

The French footage source INA will be showing its awesome collection of content at footageMarketplace USA in New York on 26th June 2019. This is a unique opportunity to meet top footage agencies face to face. INA is one of the largest footage sources in the world and provides access to over 1.7 million hours of digitised video content directly from its website. Their clients include film and documentary makers, TV channels, new media, as well as brands. Meet Them at Table 17 Do you need archival footage for your project? Or simply want to know more about INA’s services? Book a meeting with INA’s international sales executive Kiêu Hoang: khoang@ina.fr. Telephone: +33 1 49 83 36 53. 26th June 2019 9.30 to 5.30 Midtown Loft, 267 Fifth Avenue (29th St & 5th Ave), New York, NY 10016. Entry and seminars are free for media professionals. http://newyork.footagemarketplace.com/registration This is a vital event for everyone in the New York visual production community – you need to be there! Websites: https://www.inamediapro.com/eng

New Footage Library – Progress

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Table 25 East Germany the country is no more, but its films live on. Progress is a German archive of the complete film heritage of East Germany from 1946-1990. See the world from the other side of the Iron Curtain. Its holdings include more than 700 feature films, 2000 documentaries, 1400 newsreels and 950 animated films, made in 35mm with outstanding visual quality. This makes it a unique vision of the events and people in the DDR during the period of the cold war and will be a useful source for researchers looking at this period. The earlier material is in B/W with colour footage available from 1950 onwards. Image: Progress staff at footageMarketplace in London 15th May and now in footageMarketplace New York x

Meet Huntley Film Archives and their 80,000 films

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Table 15 Huntley Film Archives is a documentary footage library with a collection of over 80,000 films spanning a century of worldwide historic and social change. Their collection includes some of the earliest films from the 1880s up to more recent events of the 1980s and everything in between, making them the ideal partner when you need historic content. With the launch of their new website in October last year, much of their content is now available for immediate download in HD broadcast quality, with more footage being added every day, ensuring you receive your footage quickly. If you haven’t visited their website recently take a look here or catch up on our latest trending topics and tutorials in their blog Image of New York - look familiar?. If you would like to discuss your archive needs in person; come and see them at Table 15.